Wednesday, June 4, 2014


i'm sorry for not posting yesterday. there's very much up in my mind the last couple of weeks which i wanted to deal with first. but as a little sorry-gift, i created a playlist (what else can say "sorry"as good as music can do?!) you'll recognize that it's kind of rock-orientated but there are some other gems in there, too.
i made this playlist on youtube, so you don't have to search for every single one of these songs on your own.

you can find 3OH!3 in there which is a band that made me very happy and euphoric on our trip to a german festival and our roadtrip to sweden. yep, actually i can sing along with nearly every song of them. i don't differ between stupid and great lyrics .. i sing my own lyrics mostly all the time anyway .. 

then there's this song "losing my religion"by R.E.M. which is my car-song since i got my license. i just wanted to have a car-song, so i turned up the radio on my first alone-and-adult-and-overall-just-damn-cool-drive and the radio really spit out a great song. i guess, i can call me lucky that my parents who own the car mostly listen to old stations. otherwise, i could have get a david guetta song which i have to love.. because i wanted to love my car-song.. i'm a lucky girl that destiny picked R.E.M. for me!

the other songs are mainly rock classics that i love to sing along to, including Fleetwood Mac's "go your own way" which i discovered just a few days ago. i have one of their albums on vinyl but it's not "Rumours" which is the album that song is on. so i will go on a flea market hunt this weekend, hopefully finding that album on vinyl! 

wish me luck!

p.s. these are screenshots of two websites that are definitely helpful and visually beautiful (!) when it comes to travel and road trips. i would suggest all of you to take a look at Miles & Miles and Observant Nomad.


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