Wednesday, June 11, 2014


i know. i'm late. again. i had to work the whole day yesterday and i was too exhausted to write a post. but i am sure it's still tuesday somewhere in the world ... right, no excuse. well, i just blog today and i don't really think that anyone cares except me but i want to take my promise to myself seriously, so i feel bad about not posting on tuesday for the second time. anyway, i just start because i have a very nice thing to write about today: a new magazine that i've found just a few clicks ago.

yesss, such a nice cover. it reminds me of Cereal magazine

as you can see, they also have great web design, 
so go visit their site here if you want to! i always
enjoy minimal design with clear typography and
deliciiooooouusssss photography which you can
find on their instagram stream which is full of it. 

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