Wednesday, June 18, 2014


today i have a special thing for y'all (sorry. i just like this american accent you here in all the movies..). actually, i should say bonjour, je voudrais presentée le fanzine Irène, publicée des trois femmes francaises. huh, that was a tough start. it's quite a long time now that i've last written a thing in french. maybe i should refresh that..let's start with the five first covers of that magazine:

i really like that they don't look like cheap, tasteless erotic magazines; instead they more appear like literary magazines or great photo essays. 

the last three are covers for the fifth issue.. i think that the left one is the chosen cover but i'm not sure about that. i think i like the other both better..especially the right one which seems to deal with eroticism and nudity in a very playful/naive(?)/informal and gentle way. i don't know if you can call it 'flimsy' but i really like that word.

this is their website which consist of the endless photo stream of tumblr .
below are some of my favorite pieces i've found in that stream.

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