Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laura Pannack meets Micah Lidberg

today i want to show you a project i've recently found. it's a collaboration between a photographer and an illustrator and one could say that the illustrator plays the role of a censor. he inverts the photographer's decision to show her models naked in public spaces and adds the "non-real (drawn) political correctness" to her work. yes, i actually am kind of proud of my analyze - thank you!

The Photographer's Young British Naturists Series is Given an Illustrated Dressing Up
Laura Pannack’s intimate portraits of the wistful day-to-day life at naturist retreats are transformed by illustrator Micah Lidberg. Taken from Pannack’s latest exhibition at White Cloth gallery in Leeds, England, the series saw the photographer immerse herself in the life of the Young British Naturists, a group for unclothed under 30s. Following the end of the exhibition last week, today’s protagonists—who until now have been displayed undressed on the Leeds gallery wall—are clothed in the latest from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garçons.

this one above looks just like my imagination of Nick Hornby's characters..

i really like this style of combining two techniques and i think it would work out pretty 
well for album covers or fashion campaigns, too. i'll watch out for these ones in the future! 

i think the one above is my fave because the background plays with nudity and drawing and adds this ironical/playful twist (uh i love the word "twist"! reminds me of this song.. let's twist again + dance move..maybe these are just the lyrics i hear which is quite often the case. i'm not that good at hearing the actual right lyrics - i prefer to create my own.. which is why others cannot identify my song choice directly. doesn't matter. music is understand within the heart, right? right. 

the mickey mouse hat is a little bit too "overdressed" in my eyes and doesn't really fit to the style of the rest of the outfit - which i totally like. go for it if it makes you happy!

whoop whoop, found what i was looking for. you can't say no to a good old dance move which is pretty popular these days, too. the good ones never get old. 

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