Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8 independent travel magazines

this is a topic i am researching on during the last couple of weeks and i am surprised how badly i fall for travel photography. i always thought i wouldn't be interested in working on landscape or nature photography but with all this amazing work in mind i slowly become more and more interested in trying it out for myself.

left side: BOAT // Yonder // Sidetracked // surfers // in the middle: category "travel" on the blog Observant Nomad // we are here // right side: CEREAL // category "travel & explore" on the blog yellow brick home.

there are some websites/blogs i knew before i read this article that features the "10 best independent travel magazines" but i included many of the magazines that are listed there. what's special about this article is that it's not just a simple list. there are little interviews for each magazine that describes the idea behind it, the motivation to start publishing, the feature they are most proud of + recommendations for more travel publications! i did not watched at all these tips yet but i'm on my way! i think it'd be a little overwhelming to cover every single publication in one post, so i picked some.

get yourself some of these magazines and plan your next trip!


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