Saturday, April 12, 2014


time to say goodbye to my project! i thought i'd share a bigger still life with you today:

 this is what i see when i look to the right side of my desk. well, since today because i swapped rooms with my boyfriend so i can have more natural light for drawing and working. it's a little empty around here and not so cozy anymore ( i had dark grey walls which was amazing and instantly feels more comfortable and homy .. plus nearly every colorful thing you put in front of the wall looks more amazing because of the added contrast ). so i have to slowly "develop" my place with some art on the walls or a rug..

i am planning "the next big thing" on the blog but i need some time for that. it's not totally easy for me to do it. until up then, i will just post weekly every tuesday as i am used to do.

have a great weekend and i hoped some of you liked the sketchbook project!
cheers, alina

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