Wednesday, April 9, 2014


18 of 19 !!! this is pretty cool, ha. i made it! almost. i really don't get why we have the second week of April and i am not finished yet. i counted the weeks in the beginning and i thought "end of March - end of project". well, i counted wrong. and i won't say that i'm bad at maths because i'm not. i was bad but then someone taught me until i got it. yep, that kind of math teachers exist. and i had pretty much fun teaching others who didn't had any clue before, too. if the stuff you learn in school would be the stuff you have to learn at university, i would become a math teacher. anyway, here are today's drawings (getting hard-working in the end!):

i used three different techniques for that: first, i drew the contours with a pencil, then re-drawing them with a fine liner and third, coloring it with crayons (very new for me). 

yes, the roughly drawn colors are on purpose. i like it that way, it seems to be more playful and "sketchy". the motifs for these two "stills" were found on our cabinet (sounds very chic in english, uh!) and for those of you who don't have a clue what the things in the drawings are (especially in the first), here's a little description:

first drawing: a wooden bowl filled with two wooden spoons with ivory ending, two handmade knobs (right word? the "buttons" of furniture?) and a little swedish lantern/glass with sand in it.

second drawing: probably/hopefully easier to identify .. my beloved teapot plus a teapot-warmer (in german it's called "Stövchen" which sounds much cuter). it was a present from my mother for welcoming me to my first place. thank you again for that - if you're reading it (you better do!).

alright, done for today! see you for my last drawing(s) on saturday!

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