Saturday, April 5, 2014


today it's time to "reveal" a drawing that you all should feel familiar with because it's on the blog since the beginning.. but haven't appeared in a post yet. it's one of the things i drew last year and it was really fun to see it come to life. tadaaa:

this is the drawing i chose to be in the background of my "sketchbook" button on the top in the sidebar. what i like about this technique is that you can correct your lines. they don't have to be perfect the first time, instead you can draw near this "perfect" line and approximate to the face. i have my problems with drawing the nose - see these curly little lines? yup. not a cool nose. but i think it fits to this drawing because it's not obviously a "bad drawn nose". i would name it "my style", that seems to be kind of more satisfying to me.

so i hope you like what you see and come back for my next post on tuesday! next week is the final week of my sketchbook project and i have big plans for the weeks after.

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