Wednesday, April 2, 2014


well, here i go again! it's time for a second post today (here's the first which mainly exists out of lines. very unusual drawing technique!). i have bought a book about Egyptian art on a flea market hunt and what shall i say .. there are some cool illustrations in there which inspired me to do this:

do you have a favorite? there's one vote for the foxy by now (from surprisingly is from my boyfriend.. who is the only one that i showed my work to yet)!

and here comes my - meanwhile familiar - analyzing of my work. i like the fact that these drawings are inspired by culture/history/religion but they don't seem to be old-fashioned because of the modern touch on their headdress and because they are put out of their usual context (which is muuuch more overwhelming and full of symbols and patterns .. i draw a few of them - don't judge me, i just tried - on the upper right corner of the first drawing). yep, that's it for today. et à propos: je suis fatiguée! au revoir et à bientôt! (i only write this because i don't remember what "see you on saturday" is called in french. but hey, see you on saturday!)  

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