Tuesday, April 1, 2014


whoohoo i found a new magazine! it's a category i usually don't look at anymore (i did in the past when i read the Rolling Stone regularly): music magazines.

i felt overwhelmed and i couldn't find the music out of the presented mass of music that really spoke to me. so i was frustrated and didn't read the music magazines any longer. i thought there are easier and more satisfying ways to find new music. so i went off and never looked back .. (dramatic pause) .. until last week! this magazine i'm introducing to you attracted me because of the typography and the layout and i hesitated to buy it because i wasn't sure if i was interested in the topics. but this layout .. uh!

so i bought it. little rebel me. and it was worth the money! because what i didn't see in the shop was that there are more categories (smaller ones but they exist) besides music. they also write about film and literature, so the cover a wide range in cultural topics.

i was just browsing through their website and what i tend to do is looking at the Job section when being on a magazine's website .. and they have an open internship option! they are looking for a guy/girl heading for a career in journalism and they want to see some text examples. sad for me because in my portfolio are just graphic design projects. damn it. but i'll remember that opportunity and when i'm studying literature after the summer, i try to come up with my own essays or reportages, too. oh yeah. 

so if anyone of you is looking for an opportunity to travel to germany and stay for six months - apply! i am convinced that it would be such a great experience. 

just take this reportage for instance. i think there are not many reportages that are layouted in an appealing and interesting way and it's a though job because you usually have much text but you shouldn't forget to picture it wisely so that people have a good impression of the situation you're talking about. and it's definitely not an easy time for photojournalists or photographers, focused on reportages which i get to hear often while working in the gallery. there was MUCH more time for research and traveling - it was often normal to stay for a couple of weeks or even months to get the most out of your topic. 

these details really got me at hello. they name the category on each site which makes it easy to find what you'd like to read fast.

to me, this layout makes it simply more attractive to read a text this long. the two/three columns improve the legibility and divide the text in "easy to digest" parts. 

i like it when a magazine dares to leave some space just white. i think the pages profit much more of white space rather than many lines and pictures, all grabbing for attention at once. i think a well-thought hierarchy and one/two impressive pictures will always say more than a high tide of low-quality products.

and here's some fun and colorful work for you in the end. Dorothy Iannone is an american multi-discplinary artist who provoked by showing genitals in her paintings during the Seventies (especially very shocking for the hippie generation. i guess we weren't that free back then..). her work is ornamental/floral, erotic and highly influenced by buddhism. she covers subjects like the beauty of a male body and a confident female sexuality. although she's 80 years old, her work is seen as young art. 

to me, she seems to be a courageous and confident woman who fought for what she believed in and enjoys life, taking chances and expressing herself.   

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