Tuesday, April 29, 2014


i wrote this post about Mattia Signorini's book and while researching for it, i recovered this great (!) photographer named Brooke Holm who takes this calm, light and simply beautifully captured pictures.

i really calm down while going through her website and her blog and i'd wish she would sell some prints of her work. i don't know if i could afford it but i'd LOVE to have one big print of this picture - i'd hang it over my bed:

and i wouldn't say no to this one either:

the above one (plus the ones following) are from her blog, made on a walk through the Canadian forest.

i highly recommend watching her work in bigger scale on her website (for her work in Canada, go here) !

very pretty, right? i can't get enough of all this texture and color .. i wasn't that into landscape photography but now i definitely am!  ( i photographed exactly the fields my father didn't which were mostly portrait, concert & wedding - my father does more landscape/nature, both wide viewed and close-ups. but i realize that i'm slowly becoming more interested in nature photography & illustration which you'll hardly recognize with my next posts ).

besides nature and places, Brooke Holm covers some more fields like fashion, food, interior and things - some of them are very bold, quirky and colorful (like her still lifes) and very different compared to the work i decided to show you in this post. i recommend all of them to all of you, so head over to her portfolio or her blog!

this is one of these artists who produces work which you are glad to haven't seen yet - it's likely to finding a good book: you simply know that you'll love it when reading the first lines/ seeing the first few pieces.

cheers, alina

p.s. this one is one of my fave's so far. i just can't stop going through her work.

 okay. finish line. stop. now.

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