Tuesday, April 15, 2014

current read: Mattia Signorini

i thought i break a little with my previous posting about introducing magazines and share some insight to my current read. this little book is written by a young, italian author which i didn't know before. as far as i understood his italian biography on his website, he struggled with becoming an author. he had many different jobs before that did not feel right. he was a "strappabiglietti in un cinema" which sounds pretty romantic and old-fashioned to me but that could be up to the fact that i don't know which actual job he did in that cinema..

the book tells the life story of a boy named Green Talbot with calm, poetic words. he was born in 1919, shortly before the big war and you'll recognize throughout reading that there are some historical references mentioned but i didn't feel like it's about the time he is living in. it's not about the war and its difficulties/ america's great depression/ Italy's economic boom - i think he could have lived in any other time and setting, too because it's rather about his inner attitude and behavior than the circumstances. 

Green Talbot has two main character traits: he's curious and he's a good listener. he understands that you don't have to say a word in order to help people feel better about themselves. there are some bitter parts when Green loses a bit of his "greenness" (this naming can't be a coincidence, right? i didn't realized this parallelism because it's not obvious in german) - for example when he realizes that many people like to talk to you - much more than they are willing listening to you. 

     what i think this book is about    
his curiosity leads him away from his hometown where everyone is afraid of change and letting go. Green distances himself from the strict and fixed attitudes and allows himself to grow and change. i think this plot could be an appeal for all readers to get out of their comfort zones or go the known path (which your parents and grandparents already went and want you to carry on). it's a call for allowing yourself to break out of your known pattern and just functioning they way you are expected to be. 

this collaboration between meeri anneli & brooke holm called "NOTEBOOK MOUNTAINEERING" (2012) shows what this book tries to say to you in my eyes:

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