Sunday, March 16, 2014


our long way back yesterday avoided posting earlier, so i catch up today - we are back home and it was a long and exhausting trip because we stayed 5 hours at the czech airport, then took the plane to germany, travelled with two trains and finally got the bus that brought us to our flat. well, it's a public bus so we had to walk the last few meters (that didn't seem to be "just a few" at that moment!). but now we are finally back home and it feels good. (sorry for lamenting, sometimes you just have to, right?). but those of you who just scrolled down to the picture didn't read this: i am planning on a new post where you can download some free wallpapers. that can take two or three more weeks but i'm going for it! (and no, i won't mark "free wallpapers" with bold letters because that's my excuse for those of you who read my lamenting and are still with me!)

this is a collage/abstract... thing i drew in the museum of modern art in prague. i watched this current exhibition (Rudolf Volrab: Colours Of Disquiet)  among the other constant ones, e.g. about french art of the 19th and 20th century (i saw a Gauguin painting, yess!) and felt inspired to draw a little bit "in his style" - which mainly means playing with the lines for me. Volrab also really enjoys using color which i can't say of myself, as you may have recognized within this sketchbook project. i haven't found the material and objects that work with color for me but i think this could be a next step.. i really like Volrab's handing of color which is using bright color patches and contouring them with a dark line. he just plays with lines and color and intentionally abandons the efforts of a technical rendition (not my words, got it from the eloquent exhibition text). 

i like his work for being a little nervous and fragile in a light and playful/intuitive way. 

if you wonder what's the thing that looks like a head turned-over on the right side of the drawing... that's a head turned-over. i tried to draw a bronze mask from 1905 and yep, didn't worked out the way i wanted it to. after the third mask that looked like a grumpy child rather than an elegant goddess i gave up. what i liked about these drawings was the profile line which i used in the drawing above. 

because it's a grey sunday and ( I JUST SAW THAT OUR FLOWERS CAME OUT! + THEY SMELL AND LOOK LIKE FLOWERS! that's the first time ever i have not killed a flower. they are beautiful! it's no longer a grey sunday!) ... we are going to a cafĂ© to eat breakfast and lunch and diner (okay, not all three, we go brunching but we have to think about what to eat for diner .. our options are pizza and chinese food..) because we have not thought about that it's going to be sunday when we are back from our trip. yep, happens just after every trip. 

and i just stop now to talk about flowers and breakfast and art, hoping that you have enjoyed reading my thoughts (i think i am writing pretty much like i am thinking. and i'm not sure if that's a good thing). 

next tuesday which is in two days i will write about my tips for traveling in a more authentic and un-toursitic way - so stay tuned i hope you'll come back for that!

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