Saturday, March 29, 2014


hi! i'm kind of late today with my post - that's because i was working at the gallery and i am expecting friends to come over tonight, so i had to figure out a good time to post. i didn't want to just don't post and do it tomorrow because i know me and when i start with that excuse, i'll use it more often and that's not why i set up a regular day to post. so here it is, my promised drawing for this saturday:

it's supposed to be a little spring inspired collage and you see that i try to play with more color again! it's kind of very strange and unknown to me but i combine it with some familiar elements (like the "mountain"-lines in the right and the many dots and patterns) which i found to like nearly every drawing. and here are some details i like the most:

well, i would LOVE to hear some opinions or critic or improvement tips on my work, so feel free to share yours in the comment section below! 

i don't dare yet to share my blog with friends or on facebook  because before sharing, i want to figure out what i want to contribute to this blog and i know that i want to be a little personal and it leaves me ..well.. vulnerable when all the people that have seen you in real life suddenly know these details about you because you have shared them in public. so i guess i have to think about it for a little longer. if there's anybody out there who has found this blog "by accident" and has some tips on blogging and getting personal - tell me! :)  

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