Wednesday, March 26, 2014


helloo! so i had a little "creative block" today which was fantastic! let me explain that one:

yesterday i wrote about morning routines and how pleasant anticipation gets me kicked out of bed. and i mentioned another milestone of mine: packages per mail. so my belly went craaaaazy this morning because my package with this pretty wonderful book arrived! until today i was walking around chillin' like this neat guy up there on the drawing .. patiently waiting for the package to arrive - just like i do when i'm excited. i pretend that i'm a very chilled and cool thing .. well, no. i don't. but this french hat he's wearing is pretty great, right? it reminds me of my grandfather and i love it.

this book i got today was all about "getting unstuck" and there are some great advices from professional artists in there about what to do when you're feeling out of ideas. i am not through it yet but it's definitely worth a second look. and a third and forth.. so it was a cool coincidence that i felt out of ideas for my sketchbook project today, ha? very cool. so what i basically did to get some ideas was grabbing an old magazine of mine - which i have TONS -, spreading all my tools around me (including a scissor, masking tape, pencils in different strengths and a thing i don't know the name of. it's used by bookbinders to put holes into paper. it looks like a needle and i have one with a beautiful wood thing for better handling.) and just going through that magazine, seeing if i get inspired by anything. and i did how you can see! it was fun because i worked without knowing what i wanted to get from it. i like the combination of photographs and illustration on it, so i just played around a bit and got three collages pretty fast!

that drawing above is quite a problem child. i don't know if it's "grown-up" and ready yet but on the other side i really like this plain, simple and clean impression.

are you one of these cool kids who were playing with these two-dimensional doll .. models? well, i definitively was. you could put them clothes on with the help of these little stripes.. do you know what i mean? my boyfriend didn't know these dolls. he was not a cool kid. just kidding, he was. probably more than i was because there was a situation i was not a cool kid: i started a fight with a boy who's only mistake it was to write me a love letter .. and no, i did not like that. after the teacher came to separate us she thought "of course, the boy started the fight!" and put him into the "boo!-corner". shame on me, i did never rectify that one. and today, i really wish i had kept that letter.    

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