Saturday, March 22, 2014


today's drawing is all about little detailing, pattern and (finally!) color! i never really tried to draw with color and i don't know why actually.. maybe it was because color is another component with strong effect. to me, it seems to be very easy to fail when using color - especially when you combine different colors with each other. well, at least i thought so. while experimenting with my new little color box and - of course - trying every single color in it .. + combining nearly every singe one (brown+purple make yummy berry brownies!) , i realized that it's not that hard to get some pretty cool results. 

during the last weeks, i developed a big crush on patterns (preferably in bold and colorful tones). so i scanned and split my "try-out" sketch up in different forms, multiplying them in photoshop and changing the background color randomly. it was pretty much fun and very satisfying getting some results very quickly. i made the experience that it all raised and fell with the background color. okay, you need some cool drawn form first but i like the "raw", fast-drawn sketches the most for patterns (maybe i will change up my mind on that..), so that wasn't too hard. but the effect of the whole pattern changed with the background color and i saw how much impact color can have on your drawing result.  so i have respect for people who use color courageously and freehanded and i want to become one of them, but for today i start little with some blue and green, mixed with fine lines and little patterns:   

ohh and i can't wait telling you some BIG project plans .. starting after the sketchbook project in three weeks - six drawings left to come. but i try to keep it up to me, working on the details until it's time to post about it! okay, i'll give you a hint: it's a combination of EDITORIAL DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION and i hope you guys come back to see what my next drawings look like and what i'm up to for the next project! 

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