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i am fascinated by the work of Egon Schiele (1890 - 1918) who was austrian expressionist.

he had to suffer from two early deaths in his family. his sister and his father died before he was an adult. as a child, he was fascinated by trains .. and his younger sister Gerti with who he displayed incestuous tendencies. with 16, he joined the austrian academy of fine arts but was frustrated by the strict doctrine and conservative style of his teacher - so he left school and founded a group called "New Art Group" with other dissatisfied students. 
in 1907, Schiele tried to get Gustav Klimt as his mentor .. and succeeded. Klimt introduced him to some people, offered to exchange some of his art against his own and arranged models for him. after his first exhibition in 1908, many people disliked Schiele's work because of his explicitness. this was a problem Schiele had to deal with for his lifetime. when he wanted to settle down in Krumau, hometown of his mother, he was driven out of town because the people disapproved their lifestyle and the employment of young girls as models (you can visit a Schiele museum today at this place). in a city near to Vienna, he was arrested for seducing a young girl - this accusation was dropped later but he was found guilty because of exhibiting erotic drawings. 
in june 1915 he was married to a socially acceptable woman instead of his girlfriend. World War I had a big influence on Schiele and he was ordered to Prague to guard and escort russian prisoners. he was allowed to use an unused room as a studio, drawing the prisoners. by 1917, he was back in vienna and 50 of his works were shown in a big exhibition - nearly every single one was sold. in autumn 1918, the spanish flu reached Vienna. Schiele's wife, six months pregnant, was infected and died in the end of October. only three days after his wife, the twenty-eight year old Schiele followed his wife. 

emaciated. sickly-coloured. grotesque. erotic. disturbing. inhibited. bizarre. sore. manic. ornamental. 

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