Wednesday, March 19, 2014


you'll get two posts today because i said there will be 19 drawings until end of March which is soon, so here's the first:

i draw this one in Prague last week in a park on one of the beautiful islands on the river. the place was great, there were nearly no souvenir shops and you could sit on a wall just next to the river. the drawn objects were the things i took with me on this day trip: 

// my current read, a Chanel biography which focuses on her collaboration with the nazi regime (see some more drawing on that topic over here)

// my beloved polaroid camera - we took a polaroid of us in that park and we will hang it alongside with the other ones in our living room. this collection could be one of my milestones, by the way .. i never thought of it like that but it covers some special moments in my life and it's thing i followed passionately the last years. 

// my quite new leopard cardigan .. my boyfriend said he never thought of a leopard cardigan as a thing one could actually wear seriously .. but i like it. without wearing pink and glitter with it. 

head over to my second post today about some drawings inspired by Egon Schiele's work.

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