Wednesday, March 12, 2014


so this is the first post i'm writing in Prague! i won't write about the beautiful old streets and the high old houses, the street musicians that play Tracy Chapman songs (and not Wonderwall, thank God). and we found a "coyote bar" around here, which is a place where the barkeepers dance on the bar to animate the people, mainly guys, to buy beer .. concept works and we'll go there tomorrow or at our last day. 

i am planning to post about traveling in a more authentic and un-touristic way. i will feature some of my photographs made in Prague during the last week and maybe some more taken on my last travels. i'd love if some of you come back on tuesday to read that post!  

but in this post it's not about Prague or traveling. i am currently reading a Chanel biography which focuses on her collaboration with the nazi regime. but i don't want to describe these parts of the book. i rather show you some relationships she had in her life (i try to get a better version of my drawing uploaded when i'm back home). the drawn persons above are Chanel's milestones (besides her materialistic and business achievements and many more experiences i guess). i am thinking to write a little bit more details about each of the persons and their relationship to Gabrielle Chanel but you have to excuse me for being a bit short with this post because we will go out for diner and my boyfriend's waiting. i think i just take the desert first. 

cheers, alina

p.s. i will improve the quality of the drawing when i'm back home!

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