Saturday, March 8, 2014


playing with Gauguin

Gauguin wanted to be seen as a wild indian and barbarian although he was a wealthy employee in a finance business. he collected the work of the impressionists in an early stage and became a painter himself - ignoring which influence that would have on his wife and five children. his wife couldn't forgive him that decision her whole life; he was traveling through panama, bretagne and tahiti.

his artistic skills were overlooked because he wanted the world to see him as a wild, primitive adventurer rather than a painter who works elaborated and sophisticated - without appearing sleek or perfectionistic.

i like the painting of the Maori girls he made in 1902 (left side .. haha - nearly didn't guess it, did you?).
there are some aspects he made use of that i wanted to interpret in another way:

he drew in a non-plastic, two-dimensional way, giving the figures a strong and defined contour 
he used a harmonic composition, simultaneously a "jumping" perspective which made is possible to see more than one world in one picture
 he returned to simple, primary elements and searched for a new, two-dimensional and ornamental arrangement of areas with simplified and reduced forms  
he wanted to picture emotions throughout abstraction, line/color/form. he believed that art is abstraction/deformation rather than reproducing nature.  

i tried to abstract and accent the contour with using just one line within the whole drawing. i decided to reduce my drawing to the figures in Gauguin's painting, deforming and simplifying them.

it was fun following his composition and trying to create something new out of it. i don't want to arrogantly compare my skills to his - i just want to understand his work better and be inspired to learn for my own drawings.

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