Wednesday, March 5, 2014


hello again! because i set up that goal of drawing 19 drawings in two months, i'll show you two drawings today (posting twice a week - which would make 16 drawings .. but i like the number 19 better, so i decided to show you 19 drawings). long and complicated explanation, here's the second drawing for today (here's the first one):

it's a drawing i made in Japan .. okay, dream big, right? i am holding on that pretty strong. 

this drawing was made in the japanese garden near my hometown. it was a date my boyfriend made up and i didn't know where we'd go until standing at the actual train station (there's no other thing i'd know in that town, that's because i directly knew what we were heading for when dropping out the train - and yes, that's why i walked nearly a mile to get to the garden with a big smile on my face. i wouldn't have smiled that big if i'd simply knew i have to walk a mile to get there before i know where we are going. i am not against sports or walking in general.) 
well, to get to the point: there was a egret in the japanese garden - you would've NEVER guessed that, ha?
i like his elegant/arrogant bearing and his slim, long legs. he was behaving like the big boss in there. so i though, why not support his big dreams with make a drawing of him .. 

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