Wednesday, March 5, 2014


hello, hipster. i didn't want it to look THAT much like a mister hipster but.. well.. it does. my inspiration was a photograph of one of my fave's: blue october. the singer doesn't look like that but i like the outcome of this drawing, so i thought i could share it with you!

today's your lucky day! i post two drawings today. if you're interested in a big boss, take a look over here.

if there's anybody out there from California, San Marcos - don't miss these concerts: 

Announcing Harvard of the South, a collaboration between members of  
Blue October and Hurricane Bells/Longwave! 
They will take the stage for two nights in San Marcos, TX at The Marc on March 21st and 22nd opening for Blue October. 

oh, how i wish i could be there .. in California seeing blue october .. 

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Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you :)


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