Tuesday, March 11, 2014


yesss! i found that magazine while i was in a bad mood .. you probably couldn't help yourself calling me a grumpy troll .. and it transformed myself into a terribly nice person walking around smiling at strangers.

it combines some great topics - some of them i knew before and some of which i haven't heard.
just to name a few:

  • Brene Browns TED talk on "the power of vulnerability"
  • an article about sketchbook drawing
  • some thoughts on writing lists
  • maaaaany great things they found in shops or on the internet
  • an article about the photographer Eva Besny√∂
  • + a comparison between New York and Amsterdam for mums

and noooowww... some details!! i can't wait to show you all these great little things they put much effort and love into:

first of all - great color scheme, right?
coral + mint + ocher + white

i really like the "hand-drawn" lines and frames. they all are different and integrated into the illustration/photograph. you can see a cute stamp which marks the main topics which are named on the cover as well (top left).

they make use of different fonts within the article. one which looks like Arial and the other one like an old Typewriter font (image above). i think the Typewriter really fits into the magazine, but i don't like Arial that much for the body text. they use a different font for the body text in a different article which looks much better in my eyes (image below).

oh, and now.. the one and only..  New York! i was pretty happy to have such a great photograph of that city and a big and interesting article behind it. the warm tones, the unknown perspective and the font that is special but not "insubordinate" plus the white background for the sub line - i really like these decisions and it made my heart jump. which sounds cheesy. but hey, it's New York, a great layout and cute (look at that next picture!) details. 

there are some unusual beginnings for an article which i really liked. maybe because it reminded my of the table of content of a magazine from Berlin (Fr√§ulein) which is one of my fave's since the first issue. but my enthusiasm cooled down a little because they publish irregularly (at least the shops around here don't have the newest issue on time) and they don't say anything about it in their editorial. but, nonetheless, the issues that are out there are very great and i collect them carefully. like a fanboy. girl. they are into illustration, hand-written fonts and collages, too and i like that combination - Flow had me at hello. 

i made SO many pictures more that i could show you but i think it's convincing enough now for all of you to buy this magazine! (i am not payed by them to adore them. yep, it's real enthusiasm. i am like that.)

i found some video on the magazine's website which shows someone turing the pages for all of you to see the content and layout. i think that's a great idea to get a first impression but i wouldn't compare it to detailed photographs like the ones in this post at which you can stare forever.

hope you like the magazines as much as i do. next posts will be made in Prague! - i am heading for some new drawings (maybe i try to draw outside for getting some street drawings or i'll some details or even some people to portray which would be a great thing to me). yess, it's our one-week-vacation for this year and probably it'll remain the only one because i will be pretty busy over the summer and autumn and winter.. i'm already exited about my internship at a big museum in my city and starting studying comparative literature and art history in October! wish me luck that everything will turn out that planned way! and now, have fun watching the video:

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