Monday, March 10, 2014

a pattern and textile designer from Philadelphia: Kendra Dandy

first of all: how could you not fall in love with that pattern?!
let's see: we got a super talented illustrator one the one side, a highly obsessed fangirl on the other side (speaking of me? nooo, never ever.) and a beautiful (!) work all over the place.

i couldn't help myself clicking excitedly through every single image she uploaded on her website. i saved pretty many of them in order to present them to all of you. i have to see through them a second and a third and a fourth time to be able to really have seen all of them and know what's there. oh, i promise you i will wait for more work to come, looking for some update once in a while! like a real fangirl would do.

in the first place, i just wanted to share a newly found magazine with y'all (i am planning to write a post on that soon!). i found it because Kendra Dandy was proudly telling in an interview that she was published in it, so i searched for that magazine and hey, hey, it's great! i had my difficulties to really start writing about the magazine in that named post because i was just discovering Kendra's work and i couldn't get my eyes off it (just ignore the fangirl-slang). so i decided to split the post up and give both topics the space they deserve. i am just searching for a shop near to my city, so i can grab a copy of that magazine and shoot some pictures for my post. i think it will be in two or three weeks because i am just on the jump to Prague right now! today in the evening we will be at a hotel and are looking for some cool place to go and eat a thing or two. i am pretty exited - about not just one thing how you can hardly recognize!

Kendra's work is bold, colorful, unexpected and she just discovers all these color schemes .. 

i really like the strange stuff. it reminds me of my "alan parson project meets edgar allan poe" - vinyl record. and a little creepy, unknown combination didn't hurt anyone, didn't it? what i don't like that much are the sweets. it's a bit too much for me to see sweets in pastel tones. what i really admire and can't see enough of are some patterns that have so much detail and fine lines in it. like the ones below ...

i don't know what i shall think of the color combination in the picture on the left.. i love the shadowing on the leafs and combining green with a purple-pink is very unexpected.. well, i guess you don't have to directly know whether you like a thing or not. i just like the fact that it's interesting. oh, wouldn't it be  beautiful to own a notebook with the pineapple pattern all over it ?! i definitely have to search for that in Kendra's society 6 webshop when i'm back from Prague. 

i hope you like Kendra's work as much as i do and come back for tomorrow's post on a german illustration magazine called Flow

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