Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SKETCHBOOK PROJECT # 04 of 19 + announcement for the 11th, March

hi! next one. i really like that it looks like wire/threads and that it's nearly just one line. maybe this one would be pretty cool if it was actually stitched.. that would be way more work to do but you could do it in a huuuge frame on some great material (why don't dream big, ha). i am thinking of doing some more drawings in this style, maybe some real one-line-sketches / portraits .. i read an article in a magazine today where they talked about sketchbooks and some of the interviewed artists said that he fills one sketchbook per project! that's a massive amount of inspiration, combination, change and development within one project .. well, surely depends on the books' size .. i am thinking of introducing that named magazine on the 11th of March. it's originally from the netherlands but they published a german version of it not that long ago.

(i promise i'll find some english magazines for those of you who can't understand german.. which will be quite some of you, i guess. but maybe you are inspired to learn german in order to be able to read those GREAT magazines i'm showing you? ok. right. probably not a thing i'd do either.)  


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