Sunday, February 2, 2014

ready to rumble?!

so, this is my first try to build a blog. i hope you guys .. whoever you may be .. like this. i'll try to describe what i'm heading for with this blog : i write different columns to have a little structure for everything that i want to write about: editorial design, craft projects, drawing, literature. out of all these topics i will create a magazine (well, i know myself so it'll probably be more pages and more text a usual magazine has, so i call it bookazine). it shall be like a portfolio, like a diary about the time i started into my twenties.

i want to capture and remember little milestones along the way to be aware of them and re-experience them in quite a different way on this blog. i think i drove my boyfriend crazy the last couple of days because i OVERTHOUGHT it. i just didn't want to mess it up and "do it the right way". but i guess, starting is the perfect way to do it.. i read this this morning and of course, i've read/ heard this many many times but didn't listen to it. i don't know why starting can be so hard sometimes. it's like you run into a wall with full enthusiasm.. and then you sit on the ground and don't ever try it again. or you do - hitting that same wall again. but probably something changed today because now i'm sitting here, writing my first post. guess, that was very helpful for all of you sitting in front of that wall... 

so i just jump in, just start it. 


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