Tuesday, February 25, 2014


this is the second magazine i want to introduce to you all: Paradiso is an independent, german travel magazine with beautiful layout and many great details in it.

the issue i present to you is the very first one and they have their second issue out right now - so let's hope for some more to come! they choose a country for every issue - italy and france/marseille were their latest choices.

pretty great, ha? i like the diagonal lines but i think it's courageous to choose such a "slogan" on their cover. i think they have to pay much attention on good photography for that one every time because they can't rely on a recognizable logo at the very top of the magazine for people to see and identify. i think it's difficult to catch that magazine in a shop with a graded presentation. otherwise, it's catchy just because of that difference to all the other ones. and it's a little format, so maybe the shop owners put in in front of all the others..

if i were a shop owner, i would definitely do this. and i would sort the magazines in order of awesomeness (criteria: paper, typography + layout, photography/illustration). yes, i would put all the bad, ugly ones in a little, dark corner. or i would abandon them and open a shop just for pretty magazines. hm.. well.. i don't know if i really want to support such a "natural selection".. but i guess, that shop wouldn't hurt. they big, bad & ugly will survive anyway, i guess.

they use three different fonts within the magazine: one sans serif, looking a bit like a modern typewriter font (yes, that was one of the reasons to get that magazine) and two serif fonts for the main text and little descriptions which are very readable and good for print. here's a little overview when to use serif or sans serif: serif vs sans serif.

i like that clear, calm raster/pattern. the pictures add enough movement so it's not getting boring to look at it.

 do you see the structured, relatively thick paper in the picture above? criteria: great paper // check!

i don't know many (actually, can't think of any other right now) travel magazines who pay attention on a readable and beautiful layout, using experimental typography and great, non-touristic photography from different photographers (even well-known ones like Juergen Teller). Paradiso is one of the magazines which affects your imagination of a country in a very vivid and inspiring way.

hope you liked it and please feel free to share any magazine tips - i would love to explore some other magazines people have a thing for!

and now: wine on ice for that next post!
cheers, alina

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