Tuesday, February 18, 2014

drawing outside

i really like the thought to just go out and draw. not in that famous-introverted-painter-in-the-netherlands-way .. which seems like a pretty cool way spending your time to me. but i wonder what people may think when i am sitting next to them with my sketchbook, analyzing their faces with a critical face expression. i don't think they'd feel comfortable. it's kind of a hard job being a secret agent.

do people create "better" work when they're infamous, sad and unregarded? the songs of one of my favourite bands - blue october - are more intense when the singer's sad and full with problems. i felt the same way when i had a bad time and just draw to get these pictures, words and feelings out of myself. it  feels much more deliberating to put something heavy out there when you're sad. but to me, that seems to be kind of dangerous. what if you want to be sad, just to create some good? can you create something intense when you're feeling happy and lightly? well, probably yes. but that's not what i experienced so far.  

why do people start to create? 

credits starting in the upper left corner: trees // Giannino Marchig // Yotsubato! Azuma Kiyohiko // Kettengasse Heidelberg // Jon Klassen // Saul Steinberg

i wrote about Saul Steinberg here, if you're interested in getting to know some of his little milestones!

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