Monday, February 3, 2014

make your own macrame wall hanging

i am now sharing a flat with my boyfriend for nearly 6 months. to write this is pretty shocking. it just doesn't feel like such a long time already. it's really great ... to have someone around to talk, to share your stories or thoughts/doubts/laughs with. who buys groceries when you have to work. who helps you with little craft projects - or big ones, like painting half of my room dark grey. or - what happens all the time - carrying my flea market finds back home. yep, also watching embarrassing tv shows with me, just happened yesterday. i am grateful for him and i want myself to know that. romantic part (just skip it when you're not quite in that mmmuuuuah-cuddle-muddle-mood) : he's my first, here mentioned, little milestone. actually ... he's quite a big one.

this is my last little craft project - finished just yesterday after desperate knotting and unknotting (mostly unknotting) + my last flea market find (the jug which looks like it's made out of wood, but
actually it's ceramic/clay. you can test that by knocking on it - yep. i do know that. )
and my little golden, shiny, cute, adorable, ... elephant figure. i got him at my last flea market hunt.. two weeks ago. i should probably think about going too often ...? nope, i just don't.

// that was quite a jump between the topics.. i can explain that with saying that my boyfriend did a good job at un-frustrating me .. that came out wrong .. ehm, he just told me that it already looks great and not too small.. of course i wanted a HUGE indian wallhanging, but i guess this one's acceptable. cute. but acceptable. maybe it's a good one because it's cute and small. although i wouldn't mind a huge one.

while (un)knotting i thought the wall hanging could also fit pretty well in to the bathroom - what do you think about that? it's a natural element, doesn't take up on much visual weight and space which is perfect for small rooms..

found inspiration here and here
detailed knotting help over here


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