Monday, February 3, 2014

HOW TO: find your blog style

well, well here it is... i'm asking myself right now if that's a phrase you actually use.. or if it's more of a drunken-sailor-in-bar-seeing-his-next-beer-phrase. because it kinda sounds like that too me. but that's not what i wanted to say, so i just go ahead:

this is my first try on developing kind of an "identity" for my blog. maybe i should also create some business cards and some pencils with my logo (sounds adult) all over it so i can make a picture of it all together on a desk. and i need an old seal in baroque style to close my letters. good ideas are flowing around right now, i recognize that... ok, it's happening again. i don't think that anyone thinks i'm funny right now..besides myself..i just can't forget the drunken-sailor-picture out of my head.. but BECAUSE (concentrate!) i am not funny and this is not going to help get this post great and readable and making all readers dying to share this post, i will stop with this "Unfug" (german for "not funny") right now. maybe i should read some other blogs about better blogging. (i really do that myself so i don't mock the ones of you doing that, too).

so, third time. three are the best.. i just don't know how i can translate it: Aller guten Dinge sind drei.
i really don't know how i can discipline myself when i'm in this mood.. 

step-by-step: how can you find a style for your blog

first step: i have this crush on magazines. the ones with structured paper, detailed typography and beautiful photography. the expensive ones. i just can't get my hands off them when they are in front of me - between all the other ones with bad bad photography and cheap, shiny, thin paper. i tried (!) to have a crush on coffee but that didn't work. that would have been so much cheaper.  

// so my advice is to find that thing you are obsessed with and would defend against drunken sailors.

second step: analyze that thing. in my case, i just did what i've done before - getting these magazines! - and i searched for layout inspiration, all packed together here and here. i have to admit that i'm one of these persons whose mind wander quite a lot. i wouldn't describe myself as the most concentrated and disciplined person in the world. how have you guessed that?! and oh yes, i am absolutely self-confident about that.. sometimes. 

// grab for inspiration. what are these things make you want them? which parts of it don't satisfy you? how would you make them better if you had the chance to? (this works for layouting, decoration, fashion styling, crafting, gardening, architecture, sports, ... well, even for drinking alcohol - maybe you could focus on designing the packacking - that would be a very adult, intelligent tip from my side and i listen to my own tips ever and always! .. 

here's what i found out of the worldwide universe ( it?):

credits (from left to right): 1. amazing Webdesign Helen & Hard, 2. don't know if this is the correct link, because i cannot find that issue.. but nonetheless, it is such a great magazine, right here. 3. Ralph Lauren's web designer is blogging here. 4. one of my latest blog founds has conquered an editorial project in Copenhagen: Justina Blakeney. 5. great packaging design right over here

third step: so now you know what you like. pinterest is a good help on that. you can go as far as you want regarding the analyzing part: write it down, collect everything, discuss about it as long as you need to. the next step can be seen as a barrier but you get so much help on that if you search and ask for it: gain knowledge about photoshop, indesign, illustrator (or similar programs). the web is full of tutorials in all kind of languages, so just go for it and find out how you can create the things you like. 

// i think this step is pretty important because the more skills you have on these things, the better your blog looks (i rather return to a beautiful place from which i know that i worked hard on it than to a place i didn't really put much effort in). that doesn't mean that you first have to be an expert on that to get it started. i wouldn't name myself an expert but i don't intend to get that in the way of trying to create things i like (best example right over here where i tried to knot a beautiful, huge indian wallhanging). so get yourself skills for the visual part. do i sound like a personal bootcamp trainer? 

fourth step: play.

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