Thursday, February 20, 2014

what i'm heading for with this blog

hi! my name is alina. a 20-year-old living in bonn, germany, sharing a place with my boyfriend. you can find some details on what i am doing with my time on the right side but here it's about what i'm heading for with this blog:

i felt deeply, madly in love with magazines ... and i have a thing for writing, editorial design, drawing and photography. and red poppy - but that's not important here..

so i decided to go for my own magazine and because a wise man once said "add the process", i'll do that within this blog. it's not true that i "always wanted my own magazine since i was a child" but it became a big dream of mine during the last years. i collect magazines (do you know these big drawers under a bed? yep, these were full of girly magazines.. my taste has changed, don't panic) and i love every single one with that great structured paper, experimental typography and a lot of detail in it. 

there are different columns within the categories for you can find what you're interested in most:

# TYPO TRY : a column on experimenting with typography

# INTRODUCING magazines and artists worth mentioning in my eyes

# a column called "CURRENT READ".. which, surprisingly, is about the things i currently read.

# a "SKETCHBOOK PROJECT" which takes place the next two months (until April 2014)

# BEFORE + AFTER : a column about improving book covers

# FREE THINGS : well, get yourself that presented great stuff for free!

so this is what i'm starting with.. and maybe i will get a life signal from someone out there at some time, reading my thoughts. romantic, ha. "s.o.s., please someone read it. y.o.u. are making this hard." and no, i'm not into pop music.

let's go on this trip.

credits: wreath graphic // photography by me

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